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The Fine Art of Putting People In A Good Mood

Each Sunday Kom leaves her house behind and goes to the local market to sell her art. Her customers, she says, are young Thais, though foreign tourists are also eager to buy her work. Other activities she enjoys when she's not at home doing her art are going to bookstores, watching movies, and exercising "sometimes."

When asked if there's anything else she'd like to tell us about she replies, "I just want to do my artwork because I really like to do it and it makes me happy when I see that people like it." It sure makes us happy Kom – many thanks for putting us in a good mood!

Kom, Arromdee Illustrator from Thailand

Kom at her place in the Sunday Market.

Kom's greeting cards sound like poetry to us.

Happy Birthday to the world!

"If u have none in the world u still have me."

Kom, the Thai artist behind Arromdee Studio Designs, is in her early thirties and a full-time artist. Her company name, Arromdee, means "good mood" and we have no doubt that the recipients of her cards will be put in exactly that.

Unlike the quirky English sayings found on Japanese letter sets, which are fun mainly because they make no sense, the almost perfect English on Kom's greeting cards sounds like poetry. "Please look at me and don't be so gloomy, show me your smile for I love you dearly," reads one card designed to give hope and happiness to even the most depressed of people. Another card pictures a young man and woman with the look of blooming love in their eyes and the words, "Knock knock! I hope you're at home, I'm sending my love to your door."

Kom became interested in art when she studied it in high school, and later went on to be a Design major in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University in the north of Thailand. Like many Thai artists, she works at home, where she lives with her mother. Kom says she has never had another job besides her art, which she works on for "countless hours" every day.